5Les Galettes et Les Crêpes are the best known specialities of Brittany in the North West of France. They are not only a treat but a real meal. “Les petits Bretons” eat them at any time of the day for breakfast, lunch and, or dinner. To make our “Crêpes de Froment ” (Sweet Pancakes) we use only the finest Breton wheat flour, local free range eggs, milk, sugar and a bit of this and that… These crêpes are thin, soft and can be filled with any fruits and/or spreads and are often topped with ice cream and whipped cream. They are a delight not only for children but adult a like. Use your imagination to your taste…

Our “Galettes de Ble Noir” (Savoury Pancakes) are made with the finest Breton buckwheat flour and a hint of wheat flour to soften the texture and refine the flavour. Eggs, water and milk complete the recipe to create a taste that is rustic and purely French. These Galettes can be filled with seafood (salmon,prawns, mussels..) or ingredients from the land (ham, chicken, eggs, cheese and vegetables) combining to produce a dish that is truly unique in Exeter.

In the evenings we present Les Crêpes et Les Galettes in a slightly different way which complements the rest of our menu and adds another experience to our crêperie/bistrot.

The typical drink to complement Galettes and Crêpes is Breton cider. We offer two types: the “Doux” for the sweet pancakes and the “Brut” for the savoury ones. Both are fresh, light and fruity. The cider culture in Brittany like here in Devon is full of tradition.

We also offer gluten free options.